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Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy FireShark Studio

Digital Strategy

We improve your social footprint, organic results, engagement, and brand recognition.

Social Media FireShark Studio

Social Media

We build engagement and brand loyalty while developing your audience into brand ambassadors.

SEO and Analytics FireShark Studio

SEO & Google Analytics

We provide tools and solutions that accurately measure, track, and quantify your marketing strategy.

Video Creation FireShark Studio

Video Creation

We make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your customers’ needs.

Content Marketing FireShark Studio

Content Marketing

We can create and distribute valuable and consistent content that drives profitable customer action.

Texting Programs FireShark Studio

Texting Programs

We will keep your customers happy and keep your business at the top of their mind.

digital marketing


Website Development FireShark Studio

Website Development

All of our websites are developed to be fully responsive for display on all mobile devices and screen sizes.

WiFi Loyalty Programs FireShark Studio

WiFi Loyalty Programs

We harness the power of the internet at your location to collect customer and visitor data that you can use for remarketing purposes.

E-commerce FireShark Studio


We will make your e-commerce site profitable through correct product placement, website structure, and mobile effectiveness.

App Development FireShark Studio

App Development

Your application will be an extension and enhancement of your business and users will engage with your services and products.

Product Ideation FireShark Studio

Product Ideation

We can offer new products for your business and give great ideas on how it will integrate into your workflow

Website Security FireShark Studio

Website Security

We can monitor your website 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. With continuous monitoring, your systems will remain secure.


Corporate Identity FireShark Studio

Corporate Identity

We will help you engage effectively with customers, employees, and investors because it’s everything your company stands for, inside and out.

Brand Collateral FireShark Studio

Brand Collateral

We know how to coordinate these efforts by taking cues from your brand and message to create relevant and seamless material.

Logos and Visual Design FireShark Studio

Logos & Visual Identity

We will create a powerful story for you which leads to a compelling image that will fit your business and audience.

Naming and Taglines FireShark Studio

Naming & Taglines

We can create an appropriate and relevant tagline for your business or a specific campaign or product you may have.

Iconography FireShark Studio


Our experts will study your services closely, creating a set of icons you can use in all of your branding and marketing.

Voice and Message FireShark Studio

Voice & Message

We will know exactly what your image is and apply a correct voice through all of your social, design, and marketing.



Website Design FireShark Studio

Website Design

We can design a professional website that arouses the curiosity of users and makes them explore your services and products even further.

Mobile App Design FireShark Studio

Mobile App Design

We strive to create high-quality custom mobile apps for your company that create a brand commitment, boost your efficiency, and generate more revenue for you.

UI/UX Design FireShark Studio

UI/UX Design

Our experts will use these collaborative and iterative processes in your digital project for maximum effectiveness.

Wireframes and Prototypes FireShark Studio

Wireframes & Prototypes

Depending on your project, we will present you with wireframes and a fully functional prototype for review. This step also shows what your customers will experience.

Presnetations FireShark Studio


We will present your company’s message and services to your customers or clients professionally, creatively, and very unique!

Illustration FireShark Studio


The team of expert illustrators at FireShark can create illustrations of any kind, style, size, or use for your projects.

Our team has worked on projects for the following brands:

Warner Brothers
Mall of America
Elizabeth Arden
Chicago Cubs
Jim Beam
Kraft Heinz
Six Flags
Effen Vodka
Jiffy Lube

How does our process work?

First of all, tell us about your project.

Simply explain what your business needs and we can give you suggestions on how we can help you.

Tell us about your project

Agree on project details

Secondly, we reach an agreement on the project details.

Our experts will immediately begin working on your project while giving you periodic updates.

Thirdly, we carefully work through your project.

We would like you to be very engaged through the entire project so your vision is realized.

We work on your project

You are the star

Finally, your project is complete and you are the star!

As a result of being on-time and within your budget, your project makes you and your business happy!

We can help your business with our Digital Marketing Solutions