Marketing has always been an essential component of the automotive industry. Digital media has recently become the main channel for the automotive industry to reach out and engage prospective consumers.

We Know Your Audience

Each year, auto businesses are continuously growing their digital spending. The automotive industry is marketing directly to its prospective customers by making use of targeted advertising. FireShark knows what data you need, want, and can use from potential customers.

It is essential to have knowledge of your audience and their online behavior. You should not concentrate solely on any prior customers and typical target markets but should strive to comprehend people who consume the data and digitally engage with your brand.

We have custom solutions beyond traditional advertising that are very effective and useful. With our solutions, we go further into why the customer has visited your location and give you the answers.


Auto Industry

With FireShark’s simple formula for digital data collection, we can make a big difference in the people who come through your doors.

Auto Industry

Our 4 most effective marketing services that would benefit you if you are a decision-maker in the Auto industry.

Website Development

Our team will develop the back-end programming and the front-end design for your automotive or sales website. We can handle your database, maintain the website, and attach all of your social, online, and external properties.

Social Media

As a full-service team, we deliver results across many social media platforms. We will promote your vehicles, location, and services. Through varying strategies, we will make the customer experience a pleasant one.

WiFi Loyalty Programs

Give your customers a brand experience when they use your existing WiFi network. We can create a log-in landing page, collect emails, promote offers, take feedback, and more. We let you know your customers.

Video Creation

Videos are the most eye-catching and scroll stopping tactic in the virtual marketing world. Our team of interactive professionals can create a custom video campaign for your social media platforms, in-store promotions, and all online campaigns.


Let us know how we can help your business

We utilize content, positioning, and social advertising to create audience engagement and lead generation.