We will communicate and discuss the needs of every type of student which would include their psychology and ways of learning.

Effective Educational Strategies

Registration of undergraduate students at universities in the US has declined, which puts stress on university marketers to get results. In this case, intelligent institutions need to focus on streamlining and enhancing their digital marketing strategy to ensure that their dollars are used efficiently and wisely.

A prevalent challenge when operating in higher education marketing is budgets are being spread between departments and decentralized, which needs to change. This may not be viable at all organizations, but standardizing KPIs and establishing a centralized location to measure marketing campaign efficiency is a great move.

FireShark Studio can use marketing automation to track all digital interactions with prospective students from the first time they visited a website all through enrollment.


Education Industry

We can coordinate with the school administration to plan and implement a marketing strategy that suits the institution’s objectives.

Education Industry

Our 4 most effective marketing services that would benefit you if you were a decision-maker in the Education industry.

Website Development

Our team will develop the back-end programming and the front-end design for your education website. Whether you have an online school or brick-and-mortar, your platform will be very user-friendly and highly functional.

Social Media

As a full-service team, we deliver results across many social media platforms. We put together exceptional social media strategies that build lasting results while addressing any communication needs of your school.

App Development

We build smooth, user-friendly apps that are custom made for your school or institution. We understand how important your school’s credibility is and what challenges exist in digital development.

Brand Collateral

It can be a challenge to create consistent brand collateral that will serve as informational and educational for your students. It’s a science that draws on your brand, visuals, messaging, and how students respond to what’s being said.


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We utilize content, positioning, and social advertising to create audience engagement and lead generation.